Breeding Il Girasole


Breeders since 1972

20 farmed breeds of dogs, a qualified and competent staff, accurate and impeccable services for your four-legged friend


Breeding Il Girasole is located in the beautiful frame of the Bassa Friulana, in the town of Porpetto (UD), and it has a deep-rooted passion for dogs since 1972, the year Breeding Il Girasole were opened by Costante e Oriana, becoming in a short time an important point of reference for those are looking for a faithful four-legged friend.
In the facility of more 50.000 sqm 20 dogs breeds are reared, especially companion dogs, thus allowing us to satisfy the wider demands on the basis of the individual needs.

The Friulan breeding, as well as representing the best place where to find what we are looking for, makes available to its clientele a wide variety of valid and effective services including the pet grooming, boarding kennel for dogs, refuge for strays and cremation.
For infos or to arrange an appointment you may telephone 0431.60375 or visit us in Udine Street n.120 in Porpetto.

Our dogs



Cane da compagnia

Companion dogs

Tender and faithful, companion dogs, particularly considerate by the owner and of the whole family are becoming increasingly prevalent into daily life of pets lovers. Il Girasole proposes many breeds of companion dogs, among these Maltese, Bishon, Bolognese, Spitz.
Cane Terrier


Yorkshire, Scottish Terrier, Jack Russell, are just a few Terrier which you can find in our breeding. These extraordinary specimens, smart, dynamic and brave, will be faithful lifelong companions which will enchant you every day with their love and their total devotion to the entire family.
Cani di taglie medie e grandi

Medium and large size

Beagle, Golden Retriever, Labrador, Cocker Spaniel, Akita: how can one remain unmoved by that prying eyes and full of life and by that tail always joyful and festive? They are dogs which love company, especially the kids one and which love to be pampered and play as much as they can.

Our services




Pet grooming

Our experienced and competent staff carry out an excellent pet grooming service with cutting edge and technological tools by using only quality products.
I box del nostro allevamento

Boarding kennel for dogs

Custom box, wide green fields where they can run, fresh water and food every day, always available personnel and attentive to the needs of your faithful friend
Recinti per cani randagi

Refuge for strays

Our facility offers an efficient in-patient service for animals which need care, assuring the presence of a vet here.


The cremation is the friendly way to say goodbay to your close friend. Cremation service is available both individually or collectively