Breeding Il Girasole


Passion and dedication since 1972



1972, Il Girasole
We are an animal lover family with priority given to dogs, in fact away back in 1972, this strong charge incited my parents to embark on a journey that transformed this great passion on a special job which can offer great satisfaction. Costante and Oriana managed well with the challenges which have evolved over the last few years keeping strong the flame of wonder which continues to be alive whenever there is a new litter. They reared 20 different breeds, always with curiosity and desire to discover their peculiarities, with the attention required to their well-being and looking at the client to satisfy it with expert advice.

A family passion
We, sons of Costante and Oriana, Massimiliano and Alberto, thanks to the love for our dogs we continue the familiar business with pride. My brother Massimiliano, an Economist, handles commercial and business implications, freeing me from this duties allowing me to better manage Breeding Il Girasole for all its needs. My father taught me much, as a kid I enjoyed life with dogs, I learned and I continue to do it attending courses, keeping me informed and relating me with other professionals of the field.

Our valuable staff
The breeding engaged several persons in different activities, at the moment together with us work 9 people who share daily commitment and passion for a unique job. Mara, who is with us for 25 years, with her expertise warrants a perfect management of new litters, she is watchful with love in the delicate moments of births. Elena and Letizia, ensure the care of all our dog friends, they address their needs with professionalism and precision. For many years, Silvana has been taking care of stray dogs housed within our facility and of our customer’s retired dogs. Daniele has found the job he was looking for, he cares green areas and maintenances, surrounded by the open air, close to animals and nature. Loriana deals with the office, with a wide range of practical procedures of dog enrollment and with the management of our 3 stores. Daniela, Ariella and Patrizia are the saleswomen of our stores, respectively of Sacile, Trieste and Mangenta; they are professionals and qualified, they can advise and reply to clientele questions.

Oriana, our trump card
The essential figure of my mother Oriana, who handles all the Girasole activites with an enviable determination and a hands-on knowledge, manages the whole organization. She follows all the pup life cycle, since they are still in womb until the new familes. An irreplaceable person has passed away this year, Costante. Only he could do what he has managed to achieve, he has been ahead of the times thanks to the intuitions that only great men know to have. We are the ones who must honour and improve, accept the challenges that the future will designate us meeting them with curiosity and the will to do better than with his immense love taught us.