Breeding "Il Girasole"

Passion and dedication since 1972

1972, the beginning of “Il Girasole”

We are an animal-loving family with a predilection for dogs, a charge so strong as to push Costante and Oriana, back in 1972, to undertake a path aimed at transforming what was a great passion into a full-time job, a special job capable of giving great satisfaction. With assiduous commitment and dedication, Costante and Oriana have been able to face the challenges that have arisen over the years, always keeping the flame of wonder intact with each new litter. In over forty years of activity they have bred more than 20 different breeds, always with curiosity and desire to discover their peculiarities, with the necessary attention to their well-being and with an eye to the customer in order to satisfy them, advising them with competence.

A family passion

We as sons, Massimiliano and Alberto, thanks to our love for our dogs, continue the family business with pride. My brother Massimiliano, a doctor in Economics, deals with the commercial and economic aspects, this allows me, Alberto, to take care of the Il Girasole di Udine kennel in all its practical needs. Our father taught us a lot by making me share every day with our dogs; I learned daily from practical experience and I continue to do so: attending courses, keeping myself informed and relating to other professionals in the sector.

Our valuable collaborators

Over the years, the breeding has seen various people engaged in different activities, at the moment we work with 9 people who share the daily commitment and passion for a unique job. Mara, with us for 25 years, with her experience guarantees a perfect management of new litters, with love she watches over the delicate moments of births. Elena and Letizia, guarantee the care of all our dog friends, provide for their needs with precision and professionalism. Silvana has been taking care of stray dogs housed in our facility for many years and of our customers’ retired dogs. Daniele, in charge of landscaping and maintenance, has finally found the job he was looking for, outdoors in contact with nature and animals. Loriana takes care of the office, the myriad of practices relating to the registration of dogs and the management of our 3 shops. Daniela, Ariella, Patrizia, are the orders of our stores, respectively in Sacile, Trieste and Magenta; professional and prepared they know how to advise and answer customer questions.

Oriana, our indispensable figure

All this organization is governed by the indispensable figure of my mother Oriana who has been following all the activities of the Girasole from the very first day with an enviable determination and practical knowledge. It follows all the life stages of the puppies, from when they are still in the womb to the new families. In 2017 he left us an irreplaceable figure, Constant, only he could do what he managed to achieve, he anticipated the times thanks to the insights that only great men know how to have. We have the task of honoring and improving his work, knowing how to accept the challenges that the future will designate us by welcoming them with curiosity and the desire to do better and better and with the same love that he transmitted to us.