Dog boarding kennel

The services offered by Il Girasole breeding are available throughout the year and among these the dog boarding kennel service in Udine stands out definitely, a highly professional service that will allow your 4-legged friend to enjoy clean accommodation, always running fresh water and a cozy bed sheltered from the weather. There are also services of grooming, stray shelter and cremation.



Boarding kennel

In our kennel your friend will find all the serenity needed to spend time without you. The possibility to spend your days in a large garden with fresh spring water always available, interaction with other dogs, a qualified staff and attentive to his needs: all this will make him come back with pleasure. Our gardens (from 60 to 100sqm) are planted with a beautiful lawn, have a part covered with concrete paving with a dogloo thermal kennel, fresh source water 24h on 24. Gardens, as well as the boxes, are individually occupied to guarantee your dog complete safety. At the same time, your faithful friend will never feel alone because there will always be another dog in the garden or adjacent box. The hosted dogs must be equipped with the vaccination health book and in compliance with the parasitic prophylaxis, expert staff is always ready to take care of your friend in order to guarantee both to you and him a peaceful holiday.


By appointment, it is possible to perform the grooming with the use of the best brand products, carried out with the same care and affection that you dedicate to your dog by qualified personnel who periodically follows advanced courses. On request, grooming service for your dog is available so as to pick it up ordered and perfumed at the end of the holidays.

Sempre insieme

Animal cremation
In the difficult moment of your faithful friend death it is essential to contact those who will give him a decent treatment. We have a cutting-edge plant able to comply with the regulations in force concerning emissions, thanks to this we can provide our customers with various methods of disposal of animal remains:
  • Collective Cremation, ashes are not returned;
  • Single cremation, the animal will be cremated individually and its ashes will be collected in a special funerary urn.
Cremation is the safest and most respectful method to say goodbye to your dear friend.

Strays shelter

Since 1992 we provide the shelter service for stray dogs found in the territory of the Friuli plain. Our qualified staff, together with the precious help of skilled volunteers, is able to guarantee a very high percentage of custodies. Fortunately, the dogs number is continuously decreasing, a sign of the excellent work done. Furthermore, breeding is available to hand over their mares and stallions for free at the end of its career.