Toy Poodle

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Dog of medium proportions, with the characteristic frizzy, curly or corded coat. The appearance is of an intelligent animal, constantly attentive, active, harmoniously built and which gives the impression of elegance and pride.


Etymologically, the French word “caniche” derives from “dog”, a French term that indicates the female duck. In other countries, this term refers to splashing around in water. Originally, this dog was used in hunting waterfowl. It descends from the Barbet of which it has preserved many characteristics. In 1743, it was called “la caniche”: female of the Barbet. Later, the Barbet and the Poodle diversified more and more. The breeders strove to obtain original subjects of uniform color. The Poodle has become very popular as a companion dog, for its lovable, joyful and faithful character, but also for its four sizes and its different colors that everyone can choose as he pleases.

Behavior / Character

Dog known for his loyalty, ready to learn and to be trained, which makes him a particularly pleasant companion dog.

Cloak Hair:

abundant hair of fine texture, woolly and well curled, elastic and resistant to hand pressure. It must be thick, dense, of uniform length, and form regular curls.

Color: One color coat: black, white, brown, gray, apricot and fawn red.


Above 28 to 35 cm. A poodle of this size must show as a whole the appearance of  normal poodle, keeping as much as possible the same proportions and without showing any signs of dwarfism.