Hard-Haired Dachshund

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Low, with short limbs, elongated, but with a compact figure, very muscular, with a proud bearing of the head and alert expression of the snug; its general appearance is typical of the sex it belongs to. Despite the short limbs in relation to the length of the body, the dachshund does not appear clumsy, heavy or limited in movement.

The Dachshund, also called Deckel or Teckel, has been known since the Middle Ages. From the hounds (bracken) dogs were progressively selected particularly suitable for hunting in burrows. From these dogs, with short limbs, the dachshund was fixed, recognized as one of the most versatile hunting breeds. It also achieves excellent results on the surface, hunting down game, tracking it down, and as a blood trail dog.

Behavior / Character
Affable by nature, neither fearful nor aggressive, with a balanced temperament, the Dachshund is a passionate, persevering, quick-witted hunting dog with a fine sense of smell.


Standard Dachshund: chest circumference greater than 35cm, maximum weight 9kg.
Dachshund Dachshund: chest circumference greater than 30 and up to 35cm.
Kaninchen Dachshund: chest circumference up to 30cm.

All measurements must be made on specimens of at least 15 months of age.

Coat: With the exception of the muzzle, eyebrows and ears, the whole body is covered with a hard, uniformly dense and well-fitting outer coat with an undercoat. The muzzle shows a pronounced beard. The eyebrows are bushy. On the ears the hair is shorter and almost smooth than the rest of the body. The tail is uniformly endowed with well adherent hair.

Color: mainly light to dark boar color and also dry leaf color, furthermore what previously said for the colors of short hair is equally valid