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Vigorous hound, with a compact construction, at the same time gives the impression of quality without being coarse.

It is said that the Beagle was created for the larger Foxhound, to be able to follow the hunt on foot, preferably of the hare. It is still used in outline, very often with the organization of institutes, including colleges and schools. A zealous little dog, always agitated, full of enthusiasm and vigor, always ready for any activity that involves him. The Beagle is an athletic dog in every respect and there is nothing quite like seeing a pack of Beagles in full pursuit, with their heads lowered on their stalks, their tails raised stiff for concentration on the hunt. During the reign of Henry VIII and Elizabeth I there were wire-haired Beagles, some of them small enough to carry in the pocket of a hunting jacket. The size has increased over the years,

Behavior / Character
A lively dog, whose essential function is hunting, especially the hare, which it pursues with its nose. Brave, very active, tough and determined. He is also attentive, intelligent and always of the same character. Amiable and alert, he never shows aggression or shyness.

Hair: short, dense and waterproof

Color: Tricolor (black, fire and white); blue, white and fire; “pied” rate; “pied” hare; “pied” lemon; lemon and white; red and white; fire and white; black and white; pure white.
With the exception of pure white, all of the above colors may be present as flecks.
No other colors are allowed. White tail tip

Minimum desirable height at the withers: 33 cm Maximum desirable height at the withers: 40 cm