Bouledogue Francese

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Typical small size dog. Powerful in its small size, short, stocky, gathered in all its proportions, short-haired, with a short snout, snub nose, erect ears and a naturally short tail. He must appear active, intelligent, very muscular, of compact build and with a solid bone. No character should appear so exaggerated compared to the others as to harm the general harmony of the dog, or to give it an unpleasant appearance or to disturb its movement.

It probably descends, like all mastiffs, from the molosses of Epirus and the Roman Empire, a relative of the Bulldog of Great Britain, of the Alani of the Middle Ages, of the mastiffs (dogues) and of the small mastiff-like dogs (doguins) of France. , the Bulldog we know is the product of the various crosses made by passionate breeders in the popular neighborhoods of Paris around the year 1880. At that time, as a dog of long haulers of the Parisian general markets, butchers and coachmen, he was able to conquer high society and the world of artists thanks to its particular physical appearance as well as its character, spreading rapidly. The first breed club was founded in 1880 in Paris.

Behavior / Character
Companion dog, sociable, lively, playful, sporty, alert.

Hair: short, dense, shiny and soft hair, without undercoat.

Color: fawn, brindle or not, with or without white markings.

Coats without white spots (EXTENDED)
Fawn: coat of uniform color ranging from light fawn to deep fawn, sometimes with the presence of a lighter color in the sloping parts, with or without a black mask, although its presence is to be preferred. White spots of limited extent may be present.

Bringè: fawn coat on average crossed by dark transversal streaks that create the effect of a “tiger”; the streaks must never be so extensive as to cover the tawny background color. A black mask may be present. White spots of limited extent may be present.

White-spotted coats (EXTENDED)
Bringè with medium-sized or invasive white spots: called “CAILLE”, the spots are ideally distributed all over the body. Some patches on the skin are allowed.

Fawn with medium-sized or invasive white spots: called “WHITE / FULVED”, the spots are ideally distributed throughout the body. Some patches on the skin are allowed.

Height at the withers: Males from 27 to 35 cm; females from 24 to 32 cm; tolerance: 1 cm above or below the expected limits

Weight: males: 9 – 14 Kg; females: 8 – 13 Kg; a tolerance of 500 g in excess is allowed if the subject fits the type well