Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

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It is a compact dog. Of great importance is the fact that its skull is apple-shaped and that it carries its tail, which is moderately long, very high, both curved and rounded in a semicircle with the tip pointing towards the lumbar region.

King Charles Spaniel was so named because a Blenheim-type spaniel was King Charles I’s companion dog. King Charles II even promulgated an edict that prevented King Charles Spaniels from entering any public place, including Parliament. Spaniels can be seen in many paintings from the 16th, 17th and 18th centuries. These spaniels had a longer, pointed snout and a more slender body than those of today. The characteristics of today’s Cavalier King Charles Spaniel were established by the Elridge breeder starting in 1920. The breed standard was drawn up in 1928. The breed is currently sufficiently widespread, well bred also in Italy.

Behavior / Character
Sporty, affectionate, absolutely fearless. Cheerful, friendly, non-aggressive; has no tendency to nervousness.

Hair: long, silky, without curls. A slight ripple is allowed. Lots of fringes. It absolutely should not be groomed.

The recognized colors are:

Black and Tan: jet black with markings above the eyes, on the cheeks, on the inside of the ears, on the chest and limbs and the underside of the tail. The fire color must be bright. Undesirable white spots.
Ruby (ruby): intense red one-color. Undesirable white spots.
Blenheim: well separated deep brown spots on a pearl white background. Spots evenly divided on the head, leaving space between the ears for a much appreciated diamond-shaped spot (unique feature of the breed)
Tricolor: black and white well distributed, divided, with markings on the eyes, cheeks, inside of the ears and legs, and on the lower part of the tail.

Weight: 5.4–8kg.

You want a small dog that is well balanced between these two weights.