English Cocker Spaniel

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Cheerful, strong, sporty; very harmonious

Cocker Spaniels were recognized as a separate breed from Field and Springer Spaniels soon after the Kennel Club was founded in 1873. Originally the breed was known as the “cocking spaniel”, due to its ability to raise in I fly the woodcocks. As with some other hunting breeds, currently there is a difference between the subjects of exposure and those intended for hunting: the Show Cocker is more robust and heavier than the one used for work.

Behavior / Character
Of a cheerful character, with the tail always wagging, showing a typical agitated movement, especially when following a track, without any fear of land infested with brambles. Kind and affectionate, but full of life and exuberance.

Hair: flat. Of silky texture, never of the “iron wire” type, nor wavy. Not too abundant and never curled. The forelegs, the trunk and the hindquarters above the hocks are well decorated with fringes.


One color: black; red; fawn; liver (chocolate); black and tan; liver and tan; white is not allowed except in small quantities on the chest.
Two-tone: black and white; orange and white; liver and white; lemon and white. All with or without scratches.
Tricolor: black, white and tan; brown, white with tan markings.

Roan: roan blue; roan orange; roan lemon; roan liver; blue roan and tan; liver and roan and tan.

Approximate height: males: 39 – 41 cm females 38 – 39 cm