Griffoni di Bruxelles

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Small pet dog, intelligent, balanced, alert, proud, robust, practically inscribable in a square; well boned but nevertheless elegant in movements and construction; captivating for its almost human expression.

The Brussels Griffon derives from a small wirehaired dog called “Smousje”, originally from the surroundings of Brussels. In the nineteenth century, the blood supply of the King Charles Spaniel and the Pug, gave the hair black and short, and fixed the current type of the breed. These little dogs are very alert and were bred to guard carriages and to keep rodents away from stables. In 1883, they were enrolled in the L.O.S.H. (Book of Origins St. Hubert) the first Brussels Griffons: Topsy (L.O.S.H. Nr. 163) and Foxine (L.O.S.H. Nr. 164). Around 1900 they became very popular, thanks, among other things, to the interest shown in them by Queen Marie Henriette of Belgium. Many subjects were exported and contributed to the propagation and popularity of the breed.

Important proportions
Length of the body, from the point of the shoulder to the point of the buttock: as much as possible equal to the height at the withers.

Behavior / Character
Quick, alert, lively and very brave


Hair: the hair is hard with undercoat, slightly wavy, not curled, but groomed. The hair must be long enough to allow you to appreciate its structure. A hair that is too long damages the silhouette and is not sought after. A silky or woolly coat is a serious flaw.
The hairstyle (beard and mustache) begins under the nose-eye line and goes from one ear to the other, covering the muzzle and cheeks well with a thick and longer hair than on the rest of the body. Over the eyes, the hair must be longer than on the rest of the skull and shape the eyebrows.

Color: red, reddish; a little black is tolerated in the hairstyle of the head.
Some white hair is tolerated on the chest, but not sought after.

It varies from 3.5 to 6 Kg.