Shih Tzu

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Strong dog, abundantly covered with hair, but not exaggeratedly, with a characteristic swaggering bearing and a "chrysanthemum" snout.

People tend to confuse the Shih Tzu with the Lhasa Apso, but there are many differences between them. The roots of this breed are to be found in Tibet, but it developed later in China, where dogs similar to these lived in imperial palaces. China became a Republic in 1912, after which specimens of the breed found their way to the West, although the first import into England was not documented until 1931. It was recognized as a separate breed from the other Eastern breeds in 1934 and obtained from the Kennel Club its own Origins Book in 1940, with the possibility of certificates valid for the championship since 1949. The chrysanthemum appearance of the Shih Tzu’s head is very attractive, and is caused by the growth of the hair above the bridge of the nose.

Behavior / Character
Smart, active and awake. Friendly and independent.


HAIR: Long, dense outer coat, not curled, with moderate undercoat, not woolly. Slight ripple allowed. The coat must not diminish the dog’s vision. The length of the coat should not restrict movement.

Color: all colors are allowed; forehead slash and white tip of tail are highly desirable in all multi-colored dogs.

Height at the withers: no more than 27 cm.