West Highland White Terrier

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Strongly built; deep chest and ribs well stretched back; horizontal back and powerful hindquarters with muscular limbs; clearly shows to combine strength and activity to the maximum.

In our kennel the Westie could not be missing: it was Colonel Malcolm who selected the white color of the hair required by the standard. The colonel chose this color for the visibility of the animal during hunting which, in fact, was much greater. In fact, the Westies were used in hunting foxes and rabbits.

Behavior / Character
Small, active, sporty, tough, with a good self-concept, with a mischievous appearance. Smart, cheerful, courageous, independent but friendly.

Hair: double coat. The top coat is hard, about 5 cm long, without curls. The undercoat, which resembles a fur, is short, soft, dense. An open coat is highly undesirable

White color

Height at the withers: about 28 cm