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Small, vigorous, more collected than slender, with a harsh, elegant coat, a reduced model of the Schnauzer, free from any appearance of dwarfism. Inscribable in a square; the height. At the withers it corresponds roughly to the length of the body. Intelligence, safety, endurance and vigilance make the Zwergschnauzer a pleasant house, guard and companion dog that can be kept without problems even in a small apartment.

Towards the beginning of the 20th century, the Miniature Schnauzer began to spread in the Frankfurt region, when it was still known as the Wirehaired Miniature Pinscher. Because there were different shapes, sizes and types, and there was a messy mix of coarse, soft and silky dogs, it was not an easy task to create a small dog breed whose outward appearance and character qualities matched those of the his older brother, the Schnauzer

Behavior / Character
Dog known for his loyalty, ready to learn and to be trained, which makes him a particularly pleasant companion dog.

Hair: the hair must be hard (“wire”), and very thick. It consists of a dense undercoat and an outer coat that is never too short, hard and close to the body. The top coat is rough, long enough to allow examination of its texture; it is neither frizzy nor wavy. On the head and limbs it tends to be a little less hard; on the forehead and ears it is short. Characteristic and typical are the beard which is not too soft on the muzzle and the bushy eyebrows that slightly hide the eyes.


Pure black with black undercoat
Pepe e Sale (carbonated sand with sand spots)
Black / silver
Pure white with white undercoat

Height at the withers: Males and females from 30 to 35 cm.
Weight Males and females from 4 to 8 kg